Brad Colotelo

Creative Director

For over 20 years Brad has been delivering strategic and creative brand solutions to both the agency and client sides of the marketing table. He has lived, trained and worked on 3 continents.

This has produced an eclectic imagination and rare inventory of unique perspectives to draw upon in pursuit of a pragmatic, differentiating competitive edge for clients. Some fine-looking tattoos and an awesome whisky collection are personality defining by-products of this well-travelled creative mind.

905.333.3364 x103

Years with Errington


Favourite sports team

All Blacks - BOW TO THE HAKA

Favourite band

Beastie Boys - RIP MCA

Favourite sport/recreational activity/pass-time or hobby

My boys – all categories

Something people may not know

Most people know nothing of substance about me and I kinda like it that way.