This is where we shine, where our expertise lies and what gets us up in the morning.

Could your network use support?

Do you know how to make a retail POP go up in Toronto, a postcard hit a mailbox in Surrey and a responsive email hit in inboxes across North America all at the same time? We do. Do you know if those are the right tactics to use for a campaign for your network? We do. That’s a lot of plates to keep in the air when you think about it. We haven’t dropped one yet.

Need help executing a single project?

Just need one thing done? How about a direct mail campaign or perhaps a new web site? We can integrate it into whatever else you have going or set the tone with something you can build on as you see fit. Either way, we built our reputation on single projects. Try us on for size.

Looking for something long term?

Want a load off your mind? What if you knew for sure that execution of your entire year’s marketing plan was scheduled, developed, designed, printed, produced and in the bag before the year even begins? It can happen. Yes…we do that. Really. Stop letting it hurt your head and just give us a call.

What Else?

We’re desk clearers, ease makers, solution finders and sleep enablers. It’s no cliché, it’s a team of the best marketing executional professionals putting it all down with one call…or email, your choice. Every day we turn panic, strange requests, and obscure ideas into “done”, and we help make everything easier the next time around.

great people, even better friends…

It’s easy to come to work with clients like these. This is our community and it’s a blast.



Now you can put a face to the names that run the show and get it done.

Neil Errington

President & Founder

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Nick Errington

VP, Sales & Marketing

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Jim Poulin

Director, Projects & Strategy

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Brad Colotelo

Creative Director

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Tyler Maslen


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Tanner Dutchak

Fulfillment Co-ordinator

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John Goossen

Fulfillment Manager

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Angelina Riccardi

Graphic & Web Designer

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Mack Hammond

Account Manager

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Peggy Mead


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For over 15 years we’ve been executing marketing so you don’t have to.
From Baffin Island to Boca Raton all from our little home in Burlington.

Are we speaking the same language?

If you’ve made it this far, we’re pretty much best friends so let’s grab lunch, talk about life and figure out the next move.

Give us a shout, drop us a line, we promise not to bite. | 905.333.3364

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